Recycle it! Nokia launches recycle program for Pakistan

Nokia recycle
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Did you ever think when buying a new device that your old one could be useful in a manner besides its resale prospects? Regardless of what you thought, here is a window of opportunity to play Captain Planet. Yes people, Nokia Pakistan has announced the launch of its recycling program for Pakistan; becoming only the 86th country to do so. As a start, recycle boxes will be placed at all 9 Nokia Care centers across the country, before being branched on to other (partner) outlets.

I asked Reza Burney, Care Manager Nokia Pakistan & Afghanistan, about having the boxes placed in more locations thus making it easy for people to take part in this program, to which he replied that security was a primary concern for them as they cannot have people jacking old handsets to make some extra cash; once the pilot is run successfully via their care centers they will go to their partners for participation as well. Another interesting news he let slip was the launch of 4 additional Nokia Care centers in Karachi of which, Gulshan-e-Iqbal is definitely a confirmed location!

Some other interesting points to keep in mind:

  • This is not limited to Nokia devices, other mobile phone sets, chargers, batteries are accepted in this initiative as well.
  • Nokia’s current no. of partner outlets are over 400 across Pakistan
  • Nokia’s simple packaging and reduced box sizes are part of this initiative
  • Since 2008, 80% of Nokia handsets can be recycled.
  • Here is a list of outlets where recycling can be done in Pakistan
  • Nokia has saved €500 million out of this initiative which they use to reduce cell phones costs
  • According to Nokia’s global consumer survey on recycling, only 3% of people recycle their mobile phones, 74% of people don’t think about recycling their mobile phones while 50% of the people were unaware that it is possible to recycle a mobile phone.
  • Ovi Store also supports Nokia’s recycling program by offering a variety of apps that help users embrace a more sustainable lifestyle that can be found at

How To Recycle

Recycling your old mobile phone is easy. Just remove your old SIM and take your old phone – along with old chargers, accessories or batteries – to your nearest recycling point and Nokia will take care of the rest. Nokia takes the responsibility to make it as easy as possible to recycle mobile devices that are no longer in use, no matter what mobile phone brand it is. Recycling gives a second life to your old phone. When manufacturing each mobile phone, Nokia ensures that the phone is not just good to use but is kind to the planet as well, for this reason we have now ensured that all Nokia phones are 100% recyclable.

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