Apple Copies Swiss Railway’s Clock Design

Clock AppJust when the Apple’s iPad saw a new design of the clock app, it was thwacked for being a copied design thus a new case featuring Apple copyright infringement appears on the horizon.

Apple, who is generally accusing others of copying their work as a norm finds itself on the other side when they are told that the ‘new clock design’ actually is over a century old and in current use by Swiss railway operator SBB; who has blamed Apple for duplicating their clock design.

Apparently the new clock app on the iPad has copied the signature trademark of Swiss railway clock (picture on the right) and you can see that they are not too far off on this one.

A spokesperson for the railway told AllThingD that “the rights for this design of the watch are owned by the SBB and we are in contact with Apple to seek together an agreement about the rights.”

Apple however did not respond to any comment.

The design of the clock is owned by Swiss engineer Hans Hilfiker and is licensed to sell for hundreds of dollars.

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