Nokia Maps against Apple and Samsung – Benchmark

Very soon after the release of Apple’s iOS 6 with its dismal Maps application that replaces a very decent Google Maps application, public outcry over its missing information, bad 3D rendering, driving routes that go through sidewalks and previously closed businesses as active has been anything but complimentary. Added to this, Nokia released an infographic that benchmarks Nokia Maps against Apple and Samsung that makes a very good case for those who use Maps a lot in their day to day lives to wait for the Nokia Lumia 920.

Take a look at the info graphic below and decide yourself.

Infographic Maps Nokia Apple Samsung

Intrigued? You may go ahead and read this illuminating post at UK Mobile Review website. It is supposed to be impartial. Apple fans who are also Google Maps fans, should test out the Mobile version of Google Maps for iOS before upgrading to iOS 6. Another option is to go ahead and use Nokia Maps web application that can be directly accessed from Nokia Maps website.

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