Nokia & Oracle to soon announce a Deal, WSJ

The database giant, Oracle is in the process of announcing a deal with Nokia in regards to it’s location based services.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the Finnish handset maker is collaborating with Oracle so as to give access to its ‘customers access to Nokia’s growing stable of data and location services.’

The WSJ reported that the announcement will be made at the OracleWorls conference taking place in San Francisco, however the financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

Thanks to the acquisition in 2007, Nokia has claimed an ‘automotive presence in more than 80 percent of in-dash navigation modules and aftermarket devices.’ Hans Peter Brondmo, the head of Nokia’s Location and Commerce business gave a statement to CNET back in June saying “We’re basically the world’s largest mapping company,”

The Finnish cellphone maker has partnered with Groupon to deliver greater context around the maps in smartphones. Back in March, they were also able to launch the turn-by-turn walking directions optimized specifically for mobile browsers.

Regarding the new deal, CNET has approached both Oracle and Nokia for a comment and have not yet received any response.

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