Lenovo to Build HQ in US

The world’s No. 2 PC maker, Lenovo is looking to open its very first PC production plant in the US with its operations beginning in 2013.

Lenovo HQ

Lenovo Group Ltd will open its facility in Whitsett, North Carolina, and will manufacture laptops, tablets, desktops and servers, all aimed the US market. The company has not shared any financial investment details, but that is what was said in the statement by Lenovo on late Tuesday.

The PC production will enable the company to become ‘more responsive to U.S. corporate clients’ demand for flexible supplies and product customization. Although the cost of U.S. production will be higher compared with overseas production, an added benefit will be to raise Lenovo’s profile in the U.S., where it ranks fourth in market share by shipment,’ says WSJ’s Juro Osawa.

There is a high possibility that the current shares of Lenovo might soon overtake Hewlett Packard Co as become the world’s largest PC maker. It has already risen more than 2 percent in early trade in Hong Kong yesterday which happened to be its highest in this month.

David Schmoock, President of Lenovo North America said “Us having a [production] facility here in a home country is a differentiator that people will value, Being green is not necessarily the lowest-cost option for a lot of companies, but you do it because your customers and partners value you being green.”

In the past two years Lenovo has invested in manufacturing joint ventures and erecting new plants in Brazil, China and now the US just to produce PCs and smartphone devices.

The Chinese PC maker will begin its operations next year opening over a 100 jobs in North Carolina.

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