Maps War – Google vs Apple

So what we have here is an awesome Maps app and a new wanna-be app that is nothing but a mistake.

Yep, we are talking about Google Maps and the Apple Map. The iPhone 5 came with a bang featuring the biggest drawback on the device which according to Walt Mossberg of at Wall Street Journal is “a step backward from the familiar Google app.”

Its not that Apple’s map app is flawed, it seems as if to win the battle of who is featured on iPhone 5, Apple Inc. hurried to launch this app and in the process forgot to test it. Now the company is taking justified heat for its dumb decision to replace Google Maps.

Of course this whole boo-boo goes in Google’s favor and now it can actually publicize itself more now that Apple has made a donkey out of itself and fix the bugs that no doubt even Google has.

Very recently, Google announced few improvements to its maps app that runs on Android OS with the features being the  ability to save maps for offline use, the syncing of mobile searches with those made on a PC and routing for bicyclist.

Those who are still ignorant of Google Maps, it is a mature, reliable and a versatile app of Android’s that is improving day after day. It has its drawbacks like some inaccuracies. Google has also been nice about sharing their app and have said that it wants iPad and iPhone to have this app because it has stable platform.

This is also a good to inform you that Google is also working on a new Maps app for Apple platform and this would be offered as an optional download for those who are not uppity.

Mossberg has given an interesting comparison of the two Apps; he says that in Google Maps on Android, the buildings of a residential quad at Brandeis University were all properly labeled whereas; A search of the same building in Apple Maps gave no clue to which building was which.“And Google labels individual buildings within many large complexes, so you can find your way around. Google Maps on Android includes interior maps of some major stores, museums, malls and airports.”

Apple Maps
Google Maps















There are many other factors to consider when buying an iPhone and no doubt it’s a step up than Android phones but if mapping is very important to you, Android is the way to go.


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