Motorola Acquires Viewdle

Google’s Motorola Mobility has acquired the facial recognition firm ‘Viewdle’.

Viewdle logo

Earlier this week there were rumors that the Google was going to acquire Viewdle; the augmented reality and image recognizing firm and today it was confirmed after Motorola’s spokesperson gave a statement.

Motorola Mobility today announced that it has acquired Viewdle, a leading imaging & gesture recognition company. Motorola and Viewdle have an existing commercial agreement and have been collaborating for some time. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

A source close to the situation told TechCrunch that while Google had been thinking about this merger since 2008, Motorola started their talks with Viewdle very recently in 2011. It was around this time Motorola Mobility was acquired by Google Inc.

The financial details regarding Viewdle’s acquisition has not been disclosed but you can always depend on rumor mills to churn out an number that isn’t far from reality. We are hearing that the deal was closed somewhere $30 to $45 million.

According to CNET “It makes sense that Google was looking to get its hands on Viewdle — its technology provides a way for users of Google+, Android, Picasa, and other services on a range of devices to easily (even, automatically) tag photos of friends.”

Viewdle was founded back in 2006 in Ukraine and while it holds a presence in that country its HQ is based in Silicon Valley. The firm was able to raise $12.5 mil since its launch and very recently included a $10 million raise in 2010. The company also has a sound backing of investors like Qualcomm, BlackBerry Partners Fund, Anthem Venture Partners, Best Buy Capital and KCP Capital.

Here is a link to check out the Viewdle ad.


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