Samsung to Launch Galaxy S III mini; Rumor

Is Samsung about to launch Galaxy S III mini this month?

Galaxy S III & Mini
Side by Side

Two days ago, the South Korean company sent out press invites to a special event in Frankfurt taking place coming week at the Samsung’s mobile store. This may not be news, but according to rumors that Samsung hasn’t yet denied, the cell phone maker is going to launch Galaxy S III mini.

The rumored phone is going to feature a smaller screen size and will be powered by a dual core processor. It will be embedded a 5 megapixel camera and run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

The latest flagship phone by Samsung ‘Galaxy S III’ was launched just a few months back and became a great hit among those who were waiting to nab it. No doubt it had a huge screen of 4.8 inch but the premium smartphone was still a success.

Although the company is facing legal battles in court with Apple Inc. its is refusing to slow down its innovations. As the holiday season get near, Samsung is ready to roll out Galaxy Note II.

Samsung is still the leading manufacturer in United States and although is losing some ground to Apple but is still holding its place steady with 25.7 percent according to comScore. Apple on the other hand holds 2.1 percent of pie but these numbers were noted before the sales of iPhone 5 began.

The speculation that came from Germany is basically referred to the invite’s tagline which says “That’s how big small can be”. The event will be held on 11th October at 18:00 hours.


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