UK Gets £35 Million Funding for 5G Research

Surrey University in UK has received £35m in funds from mobile operators to research 5G technology.

The Surrey University has received the funding to create 5G Innovation Centre at the campus. Professor Rahim Tafozolli of mobile wireless communications and the director of Surrey University’s Centre for Communications Systems Research, says that work has already begun, he spoke to British Broadcasting Centre and said “The boundaries between mobile communication and the internet are blurring, so the fifth generation is internet on the move,”

The funds have been received by UK Research Partnership Investment Fund, infrastructure providers and mobile operators. According to TechCrunch, from the total, £11.6 million is coming from the government via RPIF which supports long-term university capital projects and the other £24 million is being put up by a consortium of mobile operators and infrastructure providers — including Huawei, Samsung, Telefonica Europe, Fujitsu Laboratories Europe, Rohde-Schwarz and AIRCOM International.

Prof Tafozolli says, “The growth in the number of new applications running on the networks is accelerating, as ever more mobile devices become the preferred route for Internet access. Such unprecedented data traffic growth requires the urgent introduction of new 5G advanced technologies that maximise the use of the limited available radio spectrum and provide for Greener technologies and solutions.”

According to the prof, “4G for us is old hat. We started working on 4G 10 years ago. Being a university we have to be one step ahead of industry,” adding that “The cost of electricity of running the networks is very high, we are facing systems which are too expensive. We need something extremely energy efficient and cost efficient.”

Experts are saying that the new mobile communication technology will be in place by 2020.

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