Spotify Coming to UK

Samsung is now looking to bring Spotify to Europeans.

SpotifySpotify music is coming to UK through Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, the first TV manufacturer to bring the leading digital service to TV.

According to the press release “with the launch of a new application for the Samsung Smart TV, Blu-ray player and home theatre system later this year,” the service will be available in UK.

Dan Saunders, Director of Content Services at Samsung Europe said “Great music demands great sound quality. With the new Spotify app, people no longer need to fuss about connecting cables from their laptop or tablet to Hi-Fi equipment. Spotify for Samsung Smart TVs and home theatre systems brings Spotify’s huge music library directly into your living room,”

Getting the service on your Samsung Tv is going to be easy, simply download the app on to your Smart TV or Blu-ray player and log on. The premium users will be automatically routed to enjoy and share music on Spotify .

Pascal de Mul, Global head of hardware at Spotify said that “It’s our dream to make all the world’s music available instantly to everyone, everywhere, and bringing our service to Samsung Smart TVs is taking us another step closer to turning this dream into reality,

The new subscribers will be able to enjoy the service for free for a limited time. The E series of Samsung Smart TV 2012 will be compatible with the app.

To those, new to this service, Spotify offers instant on-demand access to a library of over 18 million songs


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