Microsoft Announces Xbox Music for Its Consoles

xbox music

Microsoft Corp has announced that Xbox Music will be coming to Xbox consoles on Tuesday.

Microsoft further added that the digital music service will be expanded to Windows based computers and tablet PCs, including the new Surface tablet starting October 26th when Windows 8 will be launched.

Xbox Music is looking to capture the audience same way as Apple Inc.’s iTunes and Amazon’s Cloud Player has.

The world’s largest software maker has been at it since years to make a living room an entertainment hub with its Xbox, and now from tomorrow it will be launched. Over 67 million devices have been sold since 2005.

Jerry Johnson, Xbox Music general manager said that It was in 2010 that Microsoft realized that the users of Xbox were spending over 60 percent of their time on entertainment services and not on video games anymore. It was then that the company decided to do something about it.

The gaming console already streams ESPN, Netflix and other channels and from tomorrow will be streaming music as well.

“We also realise, as an entertainment company, that music is an important ingredient on its own and as a part of different user experiences,” Johnson said.

Microsoft is looking to offer a premium subscription for $9.99 which will be an ad free unlimited service and another free ad-supported deal. The service will be available in 22 countries and while Microsoft also hopes to extend the service to Android and iOS devices; that will happen by next year perhaps.

Microsoft is also looking to expand this service to windows based smartphones after it is successfully launched on Windows 8.

Xbox Music replaces Microsoft’s digital media brand Zune that struggled to compete with iTunes.

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