Microsoft announces Office 365 for students

office 365 studentsOver the past few months Microsoft has announced a number of changes to its flagship office productivity suite. Following the announcement of Office 365 subscription model for consumers and small businesses , Microsoft has now announced Office 365 University aimed at Higher Education students.

According to the official announcement, “Available in the first quarter of 2013, Office 365 University will be offered online, at retail locations and at Microsoft Stores in 52 markets worldwide.” To be eligible for Office 365 University, users must be full- or part-time enrolled university and college students, faculty and staff in accredited institutions. The verification process is generally time consuming (except for when purchased via Microsoft website) and may take a number of days for all the verifications to come through; however at $79.99 for 4 years is worth the hassle.

Here’s what Office 365 University has to offer on top of the great software:

  1. Office Software: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access.
  2. A great price: Estimated retail price of US$79.99 for a four-year subscription that can be renewed atleast once more for a total of eight years.
  3. SkyDrive: Office 365 University gives 20GB Premium SkyDrive Storage to give a total 27GB. It also saves documents to SkyDrive by default, so content is always available across devices.
  4. Skype: 60 Skype world minutes per month included.
  5. New upgrades: Get future upgrades and enhancements.
  6. Two installations: Install Office 365 University on up to two computers (PC or Mac) for one user.

Students who now purchase Office University 2010 or Office University for Mac 2011 will automatically receive a free subscription to Office 365 University when it becomes available.

If you wish to take a test drive of Office 365 experience, try here.

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