Yahoo to take on Mobile challenge

Chief Exec of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer promises to bring the company back to its helm by making it more smartphone friendly.

Yahoo CEOYahoo Inc.’s CEO took over the position back in July and told the analysts that she would focus on Yahoo’s efforts around ‘daily habits’ which meant, mobile phones, Internet search, emails and home usage.

On Monday Mayer said that “We’re committed to going back to our roots as a consumer internet company focused on user experience, we intend to win”. Instead of looking to improve the performance she intends to go after mobile devices, a shift that some companies are already competing and are neck to neck with.

During her conference call, she said “The mobile wave is a huge wave for us to ride,” and no doubt it will be. But shares rose to 4.6 in the afternoon on Monday.

Andre Sequin, RBC analyst said that “For people who weren’t sure how she was going to come across on her first call, she definitely proved herself tonight, It seems like she really recognizes what the company is, where the strengths are and what the opportunities are.

Mayer is Yahoo Inc.’s third chief executive this year after Scott Thompson resigned over his controversial academic credentials. Before Thompson, it was Jerry Yang who stepped down after eliminating thousands of jobs.

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