iPad Mini sees Light of Day

Apple Inc. has finally unveiled its iPad mini tablet with a higher-than-expected price of $329.

iPad miniTim Cook, chief executive of Apple and marketing chief Phil Schiller were the once who revealed the 7.9 inch, first of its kind from the Cupertino company.

The tablet PC is essentially comprising of almost all the functions and features of the full sized iPad but in a smaller device.

What we didn’t expect was the high price tag the tablet is coming with. Analysts have said that the reason behind is that Apple wants to maintain the premium pricing but some fear that this will be the deal breaker for those who are already unsure which mini tablet to pick because Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire are both in the market already.

Schiller on the other hand holds the view that “Theirs is made of plastic, the entire Android product is thicker and heavier.” Which is true because the new iPad mini is not thick, its actually quite thin.

Reuters also reports that “Schiller later defended Apple’s pricing of the iPad mini, telling reporters he expects consumers to recognize quality and be willing to pay for it.”

The company also announced the fourth generation iPad priced at $499 and a thinner MacBook Pro laptops that include a 13-inch Retina display.

Cook said at the San Jose event that iPad is “very cool. We told you earlier this year you would see some incredible innovation from Apple across the year. We think we kept our promise.”

Apple also live-streamed its invitation-only presentation to devices such as the iPad and Macintosh computers.

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