iPad mini goes on sale in Asian markets

Apple Inc.’s new device iPad mini was launched in the Asian markets on Friday, but sadly it was met with hardly any enthusiasm.iPad mini

Apple fans were lined up in several cities to get their hands on the new 7.9 inch device but because of its high price, the gadget was met with little queues outside the store. The rival devices from Amazon and Google that are priced well within reach of the common man has attracted more audience.

Reuters reports that about 50 people waited for the Apple store in Sydney, Australia, to open, where in the past the line had stretched for several blocks when the company debuted new iPhones.

There were queues of 100 or more outside Apple stores in Tokyo and Seoul when the device went on sale, but when the company’s flagship Hong Kong store opened staff appeared to outnumber those waiting in line.

iPad mini is the first of its kind for the Cupertino Company. But Google and Amazon are still dominating the sales of mini tablets in the market.

The iPad mini has won mostly positive reviews with the exception of inferior screen and a hefty price tag.

In other news regarding Apple, it rolled out its fourth generation iPad with 9.7 inch display but a faster A6X processor.

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