Oakley Airwave hits stores

Word to the wise – if you are self conscious about the way you look, do not go for these.Oakley Goggles

Oakley has finally upped their game and have unveiled a consumer technology product called the Oakley Airwave.

I know, that sounds like Airwolf right? Anyway, it did to me too 🙂

So newsflash is that the company which was keeping itself to sport goods especially eye wear have made their debut in tech field with a $600 snow goggle that can be purchased from Oakley and Apple store. Somehow, Apple is always there, no matter what the product is.

These goggles don’t just let you see what’s up ahead but also contains a small display integrated with GPS, Bluetooth and onboard sensors that lets the user see how fast their speed is, where in the world their friends are, see text messages, listen to music, all while they are skiing. Irritatingly awesome right?

TechCrunch has more on this and they say that “the user can download a corresponding Airwave app for Android or iOS and control their phone and other media through the Airwave’s wrist controller. Oakley has also released an SDK to let independent developers make apps that integrate with the Airwave.”

One good thing is that all this tech stuff doesn’t take up the entire goggle, only the lower right corner.

What do you think?

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