Live Messenger to be Integrated with Skype

The word is that Windows is finally doing away with Windows Live Messenger client in favor of Skype.

Skype Cards

Through several sources, this news has come around that in months to come we will see the Live client being integrated with Skype.

Microsoft has also been slowly moving people over to the Messenger backend for Skype over the past months. Microsoft will officially announce this news by next week. We also know that users of Skype 6.0 for Mac and Windows are now greeted with options to log in using a Microsoft or Facebook account.

In other news regarding Skype, the company has unveiled a series of prepaid cards for the UK citizens. Previously users had the option to top up their account via credit card, only now they all have another option which is prepaid cards.

Mexico was the first to get prepaid cards and soon other countries can expect to have their own currency-specific cards by end of this year.

For those who live in the Kingdom region, you can purchase these from Asda, Currys, PC World, Sainsburys’ and WHSmith in the gift card sections of their stores.

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