Konekt.me Launches in Beta, A Portfolio For Artistic Professionals

Have you heard of Konekt yet? No, well here is your chance to know what it is.Konekt.me

Konekt.me is a professional profile startup out of Toronto, Canada that gives directors, writers, artists, photographers and anyone else a clean format that can easily be displayed their work on the web.

The website enables you to add content with ease by choosing content that can be a YouTube video, or  Vimeo link, anything basically with a proper URL. The site embeds all your content in a swift organized fashion.

Supposing you are a photographer and you have categories like portraits, architecture, nature etc, so you can bundle your work into separate collections. In every collection, there is individual work.

Rares Crisan, Neil Martin and Jeffrey Howard, the co-founders say that creative people have lots of work to be proud of and not all are fluent in …lets say website designing? So what they do is that they don’t maintain their blog out of sheer frustration and lack of time. This platform solves this very problem.

Konekt.me lets the artists put their work up while it itself arranges everything in a beautiful way just in a few seconds.

For now Konekt.me is in beta mode and private at that too, once it launches, we will let you know. You can also contact Howard at jeffrey@konekt.me if you want an invite. Since the website is fairly new, if you do manage to grab an invite, you’ll love the feeling of nabbing the username you have always wanted 😉

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