Swirl Launches To Help You Create Albums From Twitter Hashtags

The incubator based in NY, Betaworks, has launched Swirl which is an app that easily creates photo albums from social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter hashtags.

Very recently betaworks bought Digg and now its focusing on media startups especially those that are interlinked with publishing. Like Digg, Rap Genius and Branch.

So a little about Swirl now, the app basically indexes people you follow on Instagram and Twitter by “placing their tagged photos into sets” writes TechCrunch. What users do is that they create a photo set on Swirl every time their friend uses the same hashtag. Once you sign into the app it will start filtering photos from your friends’ swirl.

Paul Murphy, the advisor at Swirl says that there are a lot of photo sharing apps out there each offering a unique outlook and feature and like that swirl creates a photo set from shared hastags that friends use.

The presidential election and Sandy, according to Murphy, have created very unique photo sets but users of course use everyday tags for events which creates a group album from those events.

Summer Bedrad, the founder of Swirl really believes that this social software has potential because it stands out the most, ‘there’s no frictionless way to view and share a collection of social photos without asking users to change some part of their everyday behavior, like posting the photo in the app instead of using Twitter or Instagram’

The idea behind this app is that you don’t change anything but the app categorizes your photos according to tags used on Instagram and Twitter.

You can download the Swirl on the App Store here and Android users; please wait a little, the app will be out soon for you too.

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