Open University Developing Apps for Students

You may know about the Open University which is based in UK, well, here is some good news about the students who are enrolled in it or would like to someday.Open University app

The OU is developing a series of apps so as to deliver course materials to students via their favorite mode ‘portable devices’.

Starting next year, the ‘OUAnywhere’ will be launched “that will allow students to access and download texts and audio visual materials for all its undergraduate degrees for their smartphones and tablets.”

This app will be available across most platforms like Android devices, iPads (iPad 1 and above), iPhones (iPhone 3GS and above), Kindle Fire and Microsoft Surface.

The team developing the apps says they are being designed from the ground-up for touch interfaces, and will offer “high quality visual images rather than lists”.

This innovative idea was brought up because most students use mobile devices and they spend a lot of time on it, so why not bring their books, courses and student material to these very devices. This way student will be able to squeeze in study time into their day which is true for most part-time students who hold jobs as well.

For now the university delivers some course materials online, but also sends out materials via post — such as print textbooks, audio CDs and DVDs.  The apps will be able to streamline all these different course resources into a single interface.

The OU notes that its scalable XML workflow can automatically render a single input file to multiple formats (print, web and ebook) — giving it the ability to repurpose existing study materials for new delivery mechanisms such as mobile.

The apps are in development and are schedule to be released in first quarter of 2013.

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