Join eProf – A new trend in Online Education

I have noticed that educational sector lacks the kind of techy attention it deserves, so here is something about them.eProf

eProf is a new trending site that allows students to get educated online at a very minimal fee. The interesting twist with eProf is that it lets anyone become a professor in a live, interactive online environment. The service can support up to 25 live video feeds at once and puts the control into the hands of the professor.

Founder and CEO Trevor Koverko is very hopeful about eProf, he is one of the professors at his site and has already taught 20 classes. According to him, “[eProf] believes the teachers know their students best.”

So rather than getting a Phd before passing along your knowledge, eProf lets anyone with a strong background in this or that subject conduct a course and get paid for it. eProfs control the schedule, curriculum, pricing, and every other aspect of their classroom.

Since anyone can be a professor here, the main concern then obviously becomes that there are no traditional standards, which means that students don’t get credits and professors don’t necessarily need credentials.

Still, for things like language learning or casual learning, eProf sounds like the way to go. Especially considering that 98 percent of EdTech companies are asynchronous

In October’s EdTech, eProf was one of the 10 most inventive innovations. If you have experience and want to teach, or you’re a student and want to learn, do visit eProf and let us know how your experience was.

What do you think?

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