SpaceSplitter is the Answer to your finance-sharing problems

SpaceSplitter is the go-to place for anyone who has a roommate that doesn’t like to pay up… ever!SpaceSplitter

Few days back at the New York meetup Rob Caucci, Co-founder and chief executive presented what they have been working for nine months now. The web application makes it easier to get money out of your roommates for their share of the household items.

For now there are 3 categories and the fourth is coming soon. “Our List” lets the roommates set up subscriptions for household goods and split the cost easily. They have full control over setting the frequency and the share that each roommate should pay, and the service handles payments.

You have the option of signing up via email address or using Facebook.

The very interesting thing is that you can shop for basic household goods without leaving the site because over 60,000 products are available online.

The next step is to customize how to split each item. For instance, if your roommate doesn’t eat crisps but you do, you can remove his or her share altogether. It will then calculate the bill and send payment requests to the roommates.

There is also a way to establish an agreement or say ground rules. For example you have a no-smoking policy, make sure you put it in the agreement. Your roomy cannot say that ‘smoking rule was never there’, because its in the agreement. You can even add points like ‘No crumbs on sofa’ J

SpaceSplitter plans to monetize from affiliate partners such as Soap, Target and others.

Another feature is that you can schedule chores with ‘OurSplitter’. Every week, it will remind you to clean the bathroom for example. And for The Grimm fans, you can even create a roommate agreement using the service.

You can get a $5/- discount when you sign-up to their services using ‘BOOM5OFF


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