GrubHub Launches Tracking feature

Have you heard of GrubHub? If not, do check it out because this Chicago based start-up has a new feature now.

Firstly, if you don’t know what GrubHub is, it is the website that lets you order food for delivery and takeout. It has an app too, so yes you can order online via your app easily.GrubHub

Now, the news is that this portal has started a new feature called , “Track Your Grub”, which lets you track your order assignments. Although GrubHub was launched only a month ago, today it already caters to (pun intended) over a 100 restaurants in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Washington and Philadelphia; all showing the badges of ‘Track Your Grub’.

The new feature alerts the customer via SMS and/or in-app notifications when the restaurant confirms the order and then when the order has left for delivery or is ready for pick-up.

In NY and Chicago, a handful of restaurants are now rolling out an additional feature as part of the ‘order-tracking system: maps’. It is quite self-explanatory that customers can see where their food is after the driver has left the restaurant with their order, and they will receive notifications when the driver is 10 minutes away from the destination.

These features are integrated in GrubHub through the back-end systems of OrderHub and DeliveryHub. OrderHub was launched in May 2012. It is a tablet-based technology which ties the online and mobile ordering component from GrubHub to software running on locked-down Android tablets mounted in the restaurant near the point-of-sale system and phone where called-in orders are generally taken. At launch, the system had rolled out to 400 restaurants in the Chicago market. Today, GrubHub says there are 1,600 OrderHubs used nationwide.

DeliveryHub not only provides the customer with increased visibility into the status of their order, but drivers can use the system to map the most efficient route and restaurant owners can also use the system to assign orders to drivers and track their locations.

Make sure when you log on to GrubHub, you see the badge “Track Your Grub” because that indicates which restaurants have order-tracking implemented which don’t.

Happy Eating!

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