HERE Comes to iOS 6

And so… the wait is over. Nokia HERE is finally out for iOS 6 and proud owners of iPad and iPhone can download it right now.

I last posted that HERE could come to iOS but i had no idea that it would be this soon. Nokia HERE

Nokia has released the mapping application for devices that are running iOS 4.3 and above. The good thing is that the app is currently free. Dont know if it is going to  stay free or will Nokia put a price on the application knowing the demand of app very well.

Search for a place and the app will show you nearby routes and stops overlaid on the map. It will also provide driving and walking directions, and even lets you cycle through the days of the week when planning routes to see how traffic and other factors on different days might affect trip times and planning.

If you search for locales, it will bring up nearby interest points in addition to routing options as well as website and phone number info if they’re available.

The ability to download offline maps for target areas is also present in HERE.

So if you’re one of those who weren’t upgrading to iOS 6 because of the Maps bungle, now you can upgrade and do drop a line to tell us how HERE is

What do you think?

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