CafePress Launches iOS App

Have you heard about CafePress before? It’s the go to place to design, print and then buy a customized merchandise like shirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers etc.CafePress

I have used their service a fair couple of times not to buy a customized item, but to simply purchase t-shirts and hoodies of ‘Castle’ and ‘Once Upon A Time’. Yep they also have a partnership with American Broadcasting Corporation that allows CafePress to sell merchandise of their TV shows.

CafePress has now introduced an app for iOS users so they can access the store directly from their smartphones. They have partnered with Magic Moments to bring this app to you.

Based in Foster City, CA, CafePress allows its users to independently create and sell a wide variety of products on the web. By allowing individual sellers to set up free “shops” within their domain, Cafepress makes it easy for artists and designers to sell their goods online. Over 2.5 million independent shops have been opened on Cafepress since its opening in 1999. The best about them is that they ship anywhere in the world and if your purchase doesn’t reach you, they happily compensate by sending the order again, free of charge.

Magic Moments uses its own network of printers to create just about anything, you can buy for yourself or send it as a gift. The app isn’t just for personal use – CafePress sellers can use the app to share and sell their creations from their smartphones, as well.

To be clear, Magic Moments is not just one of CafePress’ mobile application partners, it’s the only one. The app has exclusive access to an API from CafePress that’s not being made available to other app makers – at least, not at this time, says Joe Schmidt, CMO of CafePress.

According to Schmidt, Magic Moments came to CafePress, not the other way around, to ask about a partnership a few months ago. Since then, the two companies have worked closely together on the app’s development, making sure that the front-end and the back-end of the system work, before debuting the newly retooled Magic Moments app in the App Store just a few days ago.

The app is currently offering the ability for sellers and buyers to create or purchase the usual items, like t-shirts, stickers, key chains and magnets, but that will soon expand to include hats, mugs, bibs, tank tops, iPhone 5 cases, canvases, and even photobooks. These will begin rolling out in 2013.

The Magic Moments app is currently free to download from iTunes and they always have a 25% or more discount running on their site.

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