Orange Launches Messaging App ‘Libon’

Orange has now launched a smartphone app that enables users to write texts and makes calls all for free.Libon

Dubbed as ‘Libon’, the app features global free calling and texting to other Libon users. This app is in direct competition to services like Skype, Viber, Fring and Whatsapp.

For now the app is only available for iPhone users and there will be Android version sometime in early 2013. While the app maybe free it will still charge for some premium features like transcripts of voicemail or email copies of voicemails.

Giles Corbett, who developed the application for Orange, said telecom operators needed to come up with equivalent services, he says “The situation is really simple – either you deliver the most compelling service or your users switch to something else. What’s the alternative? We want to be in there,”

Libon will be available in 95 countries for free, with a premium version via an in-app subscription, including unlimited customized greetings for when certain callers leave a message and an hour’s worth of international calls

Telecom operators around the globe are suffering as services like Whatsapp are emerging. Telefonica also launched a similar app, called Tu Me back in May, while Deutsche Telekom has one known as Bobsled.

I have not yet the pleasure of using either of the two but I do want to find a service that is a replica of Skype but not Skype.

Orange is also working on RCS which is a new technology which is supposed to update traditional mobile calls by adding chat functions, live video and file sharing across all devices.

Orange said it was preparing a launch of RCS, which has been branded ‘Joyn’ by operators to give it a more consumer-friendly moniker, in June 2013.

If you are an iPhone user and have started to use Libon, do leave a feedback here to tell us how the app is.

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