Derbywire Out to Solve Artsy Issue

Are you a creative person? And you want to sell your work? Meet Derbywire.Derbywire

Derbywire is a startup that lets people post, buy and sell all kind of artsy stuff directly from their mobile app. According to the company, it wants to host the digital work of designers, musicians, photographers, writers, illustrators, filmmakers and the like so that the problem of many new comers is solved.

The startup was launched earlier this month out of NewMeAccelerator’s fall class. The CEO, Sharron Battle is hoping to create a mobile-focused marketplace so that the cliché of ‘starving artist’ is resolved.

Derbywire takes 30 percent commission on each sale and although its not yet available on any of the mobile platforms, it will soon launch to iOS and Android.

How does Derbywire stand out, for that I visited their site and although that too is in its initial stages, it quotes that one can “Upload, download, sell, buy & exchange on the go with the Derbywire App. Walking down the street you see something amazing – like, say, a man playing the flute while balancing on a high wire – take a snapshot with your camera, download the image to your store, describe your encounter, put a price tag on it and watch your store grow. It’s that simple. Send and check messages, manage payments, easily transfer your content from other sites using API’s, connect and search – all from your phone.”

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