Dwllr: One Stop Spot for Real Estate Pros

Dwllr is here to save the behinds of Real Estate Pros.

These pros know very well how tough it is to stay on top of things especially if they want to make big bucks. The solution they have all come to is to have a few softwares that helps them keep things straight.Dwllr

Dwllr is that one application that is a one stop for all most used tools that these pros need. Dwllr is a new startup that was launched this month out of NewMe Accelerator’s fall 2012 class.

Khisaun Ferguson is the man behind this business management startup. He knows the problems that arise with this profession and being a pro himself in this field, he simply built one product that was benefitting him and many others who have the same issues as he.

The system helps real estate professionals sell more homes. It’s a fully customizable application that provides an end-to-end solution that streamlines the sales efforts and providing a fresh approach to marketing, all while saving professionals time and money.

The website is fairly awesome. It talks about features like digital signature, managing contacts, tracking deals, integrating emails and a secure online storage. Do log on to their site for a full spec sheet of pricing for an individual, team and office.

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