Revl Becomes Public for Job Seekers

What is Revl?

Crunch Base writes that “Revl is an online platform that matches people’s skills, abilities, interest and desired work culture to their dream job. It is an innovative and unique platform that helps people get their next job. Being different from other job sites, it gives jobseekers a way to display every aspect of who they are, rather than just uploading their resume.”Revl

Last year in December, Boyd Sleeman, Koen Bekkering and Julian van de Steeg, all under 30 years of age, started Revl because they were frustrated how the playing field for job seekers was not at all equal. LinkedIn catered to everyone sure, but 79% of the users were 35 or older. The unemployment rate however stayed the same for people under 25. So it was high time anyone did something.

These three guys who were founders of AamigoO Group NV that was part of Europe’s leading publicly traded Human Resource innovators started the private beta testing version of Revl. This was back in June of this year.

Today Revl is out of their beta mode and is now very much public.

Dennis Albinus, who is the current CEO of Revl says that the main idea is to present a complete profile for a job applicant. They can add projects, media files, experience, education, achievements, links and things I like. The last one gives it a more human touch and the whole design gives the look of a profile rather than a congested know-it-all collection of data that asks you to be a pro member every time you decide to click a link.

If you are one of those who have joined it Facebook or Twitter then whenever you update your profile there, Revl will automatically itself also.

Revl is focused on job seekers not recruiters. For this they have started off with 5 million listings from Indeed and SimplyHired. Revl of course notifies you once there is a match based on the skills and interest that you have keyed in into the profile. Also, if you apply for a job, you can simply include a Revl link in your cover letter so that they can check out the online profile.

Revl profiles can be made completely public and visible not just for other users of Revl but to Google as well.

So to conclude, if you are among those who have a profile at LinkedIn t have never been hired through it, it’s not you, it’s the platform. Try Revl.

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