Promo Bay Blocked by UK ISPs

British ISPs have blocked out the legitimate file sharing website The Promo Bay.Promo Bay

Although Prom Bay is a spin-off of the famous Pirate Bay, they have claimed to be fully legit because they are aiming to promote independent artists, filmmakers, musicians and content creators. Yet the site still finds itself blocked out by the British. This could either be due to a mistaken identity or an unintentional censorship.

The Torrent Freak website reports that multiple British Internet Service Providers are apparently blocking The Promo Bay which was launched just a week back, Will Dayble, the spokesman of Promo Bay said on its launch that “artists are coming from the point of view that free, mass exposure – with smart measurement on who likes you where – is more valuable to an artist than trying to scrape money out of iTunes or Beatport or whatever. If we’re going to truly prove that the industry has changed, that the way we appreciate art has changed, we need to measure [the scale of the change].”

BT, Virgin Media, BE and possibly several other providers in the United Kingdom have blocked out the site. So if you are a UK citizen and are wondering why you can’t access Promo Bay, this is the reason. But hopefully the site will soon be available as soon as ISPs realise that it’s not a pirate site.

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