Nokia Lumia 620 Unveiled at LeWeb

Finnish phone maker has taken the wraps off of Nokia Lumia 620.

Marko Ahtisaaari, The Exec VP of Design at Nokia was speaking at the LeWeb conference when he unveiled the cheaper and smaller hand set – which is such a rarity.Nokia Lumia 620

The 3.8 inch smartphone will feature Windows Phone 8 OS along with 1 GHz dual core Snapdragon  S4 processor. Like the other Lumia devices, Lumia 620 is also coming in a range of, in total 7, fancy color.

You are welcome to check out the full spec sheet.

Ahtisaari said “We knew there was space in the portfolio for something more compact, something that fit beautifully in the palm of the hand. But something that still had the camera, a solid camera, and the signature apps that Nokia is noted for. And as well we wanted something that would take our pure color story and just give it a burst of playfulness — mix it up a little bit.”

This device also comes with NFC for linking up with accessories such as speakers, an “especially loud speaker” on the back of the phone, a “very fast” five megapixel camera.

According to Ahtisaari, the phone will cost $249 (before taxes) and will ship in January, to Asia-Pac, Middle East and Africa first, with Europe and Canada following after that.

In other news regarding Nokia, The Finnish Company has announced today that it is partnering with China Mobile. This is the first time that that a  Windows Phone will support the country’s TD-SCMA standard, and also the first WP 8 device to become available in China. The Nokia Lumia 920T will be available by the end of the year for RMB 4599 (about $739) without a contract.

While we are on the topic of Nokia, Mexico is exclusively receiving Lumia 505 on Telcel. The phone features an 8MP camera with a 4GB on board storage.

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