Stick N Find Sticker Will Help You Locate Lost Objects

A gizmo for keeping a tab on things is looking to get funds.

Stick N Find stickers, if funded on Indiegogo will look to provide consumers with the ability to find objects using Bluetooth low energy via smartphones.

Here is how it works. You stick a coin sized Stick N Find sticker to objects that you feel you may need to keep a track of, say keys, sunglasses, pets, children (… I could go one) and then you relax. When you want to find it, you simply open the smartphone application which will show you how far you are away from the desired objects.

Smart eh?Stick N Find

Supposing its dark and you still cannot see the object, you can turn on the blink red light which the sticker has embedded in it and see the Stick N Find sticker blinking. There is also the option of triggering an audible buzzer to hear the Stick N Find sticker. Now all you need to make sure is that the sticker is still stuck to that object 🙂

The Stick N Find sticker has a range of 100 feet (aka 30 meter) and the battery is supposed to last for a year. The interesting bit is that when the battery is running low, the mobile app will alert the user about it. The battery, need I mention, is easy to replace.

The catch in all this great useful piece of information is that your app will not show you where the object is, but only show you how far/close you are from the object. The app provides a radar screen to give you an estimate of the proximity.
Stick N FindYou can have many Stick N Find stickers around your house but your app will show you the whereabouts of only 20. That is the maximum amount of stickers it can locate for you. I’d say it is very decent.

So what happens if your desired object is out of the 100 foot range? Simply turn on the “Find IT” feature on the app and once the sticker is in range of the app, it will alert you. Neat huh?

The application allows the user to name the stickers as the user prefers and also alert the user if the the sticker moves out of range. This is called ‘Virtual Leash’.

Also to bear in mind is that apps are available for iOS and Android both. According to the FAQ “Stick-N-Find works on iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, New Ipad, iPad mini, New iPod touch. It also works on Android devices supporting Bluetooth Low Energy, running Android 4.0 and newer. We have tested it on the Samsung Galaxy S3, and Note 2, and it works great!

If you head over to the website, you will see how much the campaign has already raised and how many stickers you will get in the first round if you …fund them.

Expect the delivery by March 2013, as the group is looking to boast their gizmo at CES in January next year.

What do you think?

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