Socl Joins Sea of Social Networks

If you can’t beat them… join them… Say hello to Socl.Socl

Had any of you noticed that Microsoft was the only one left out in the open crying like a baby that it didn’t have a social network? You did… O you didn’t, well how could you? What with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Fancy, WAYN…around. Wait, did I mention Orkut? You get the gist?

So the news is that Microsoft realized that it was the only one not in the race of sociology. So they invented and walllaaaa on Wednesday the company opened itself up for registration. You can sign up using (ahem) Facebook or Microsoft accounts.

Socl was actually launched last year but it was in beta mode and was for employees until two days back.

Socl is more like Pinterest than Facebook as its landing page is filled with photo collages. (This is a change; the site’s original design was decidedly less image-heavy.) Socl was born from Microsoft Research FUSE Labs’ research into social search for students.

To build your profile you can pull content from other parts of the Web—photos, videos, links, etc.—and the site puts together a collage for you.

Have you tried Socl? Do you want to try it or are already using it? Leave a comment below to give your views on it.

What do you think?

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