Wordnik Launches Related Content Plugin

Wordnik, have now launched their Related Content Wordnik which publishers can use on their sites to recommend more pages.

Let’s rewind a little.Wordnik

Wordnik, was originally an online dictionary which not only gave you an extensive list of meanings, but synonyms, antonyms, definitions, example, equivalents, hypernyms and the likes. You are welcome to check it out.

Moving forward, few days back this very Wordnik, launched a new tool for e-publishers that can be installed on their sites so that when one reaches the end of a page, Wordnik will recommend other pages that they might want to check out…kind of like stumble upon… without going to Stumble Upon.

There are other competitors in the market too, but Tony Tam, the chief exec says that “key differentiator is the technology underlying both the dictionary and the new Related Content product, which is focused on what words mean. The company already built technology to search the web and find relevant sentences illustrating the meaning of new words, and that same technology can help it deliver relevant content recommendations,”

So how does Wordnik actually work? It looks at the text, title, tags, categories and find other related material or similar one.

According to Paula of www.accessart.org.uk “Wordnik’s Related Content not only draws our reader to articles in line with their interests, but it has helped drive more page views! Absolutely a must have WordPress plugin.”

This plugin has started in beta but already over 1,000 blogs are on it and it’s seeing click through rates of up to 10 percent. It is free and according to the CEO the page loading time doesn’t get affected. It can be installed as a WordPress plugin or a snippet of JavaScript code.

Some famous blogs on that support this plugin are WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, TypePad, HTML & JS.

What do you think?

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