DoorBot Helps You Communicate with Visitors At Your Door

Company, Edison Junior, is seeking quarter of a million in funds for their project on Christie Street to build DoorBot.DoorBot

What is DoorBot? It is a Wi-Fi doorbell that send you a video feed on your mobile device so that wherever you may be, you can answer the door without the other party knowing if you are home or not.

How does it work? DoorBot transmits an audio and video feed over Wi-Fi when someone rings the doorbell. The homeowner will be able to see who’s standing at the front door and communicate over audio to find out what they want. However, there’s no video display on the DoorBot. The person standing at the front door can’t see where the homeowner is located. Good eh?

Basically what you do this way is hide your current whereabouts. You could be in the house  or at work or on vacation. This could also come in handy if you don’t want to take someone in. You can simply see who is standing at the front door by looking at the video feed and choose to ignore him.

The device uses four AA batteries and then you are good for a year, unless as CEO Jamie Siminoff says “If the user gets a lot of rings, about 5-10 per day, the DoorBot’s batteries may last about 9-12 months. DoorBot will alert the user when the batteries are getting low so that you know to change them,”

If you head over to the site, you will see a lot of details regarding this piece of gizmo. Edison Junior are going to provide you with a mounting bracket which can help you install DoorBot near your front door.

LockitronThe camera also uses infrared technology in order to see visitors at the door at night. When a visitor presses the button on the DoorBot, an LED ring lights up around the button to indicate activity. In addition, the DoorBot is housed in a brushed aluminum plate and has been specifically designed to be weather resistant in most climates, which is necessary.

For now the mobile application for DoorBot is available to iOS and Android smartphone plus tablets. All you have to it download the free app, sync it to the home wireless network and then the DoorBot is ready to transmit feeds to your device.

Priced at $169 and $319, the two packages are different. One includes just the DoorBot, the more expensive one includes a Lockitron. This Lockitron allows a homeowner to lock or unlock the deadbolt on the front door using a smartphone application. Ideally, the homeowner will be able to see the visitor and unlock the front door without having to walk to the front of the house. It would also be ideal for verifying visiting friends of family when away from the home.

If the funding is complete then DoorBot will be shipped by July next year before it is shown off at CES 2013.

What do you think?

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