OnPatient Goes Live, Replacing Google Health

OnPatient, is the new public health record service, much like Google Health, but a platform derived from DrChrono.OnPatient

So lets rewind a little. OnPatient has gone live and is available on iPhone and Android smartphones as well. What it does is that it imports medical data into one place. When Google Health shut down, it left a lot of people upset because they didn’t have any place to turn to. But with OnPatient you can once again centralize your health record and then match them up with other resources like drug information and doctor databases.

OnPatient is backed by DrChrono which is “is a medical platform for doctors and patients. Its a culmination of people passionate in crafting only the best cloud healthcare EHR platform & community. The driving force of the teams efforts is in changing the way people engage and experience healthcare.

OnPatient is a Y-Combinator alum with backing also from Yuri Milner, Matt Cutts, Paul Buchheit, General Catalyst Partners, Charles River Ventures, 500 Startups and Start Fund.

Daniel Kivatinos and his co-founder Michael Nusimow have been honing drchrono for the last four years and now has 34,000 doctors listed. The pair had always wanted to integrate with Google Health when it was still a going concern, “but Google Health was missing that real-time feedback.”

Then, when the two heard Google Health was shutting down, “Michael and I decided it was time for our team to build the replacement, rolling in features that we thought Google Health was missing. Patients should be able to connect with their doctor or care team.”

Kivatinos notes that for now the app is free for consumers, with drchrono generating revenue at the doctor end — individuals can only link records to doctors who have signed up for the service; doctors will only have access to certain features depending on whether or not they have taken a paid a monthly fee. Those features include medical speech to text, bidirectional labs, faxing, medical billing, electronic e-prescribing and advanced support/training.

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