Inky, Aiming to Provide a Better Email Experience

Inky, a new email software company, has accidentally found itself in the spotlight this week after hiding in plain sight for over half a year.Inky

The company is simply aiming to offer a better email experience on the desktop, and later on mobile and web, by providing an alternative email client that works with webmail providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail/, Apple iCloud email, or any POP or IMAP account, while also providing a feature set that targets today’s email pain points.

Inky was not seeking for any attention but a random post on Hacker News started to create some buzz for the startup, whose app was first available for download this May.

TechCrunch writes that “For those unfamiliar, Inky’s client software application isn’t just a nicer-looking email desktop experience. It’s also working to deliver practical innovations that will make email more usable, such as its inbox sorted by relevance; automatically created “smart views” that handle organizing everything from personal emails to daily deals to newsletters; and much more.

Inky’s algorithms use machine learning to sort mail by importance – similar to Gmail’s priority inbox in spirit, but not broken up into separate sections (“Priority” and “Everything Else”) as in Gmail. It also automatically organizes emails, tucking away social updates, daily deals, subscriptions and other non-critical messages, keeping them out of your inbox. And it can learn from your actions, too.

The team at Inky is also working to find a better balance between Gmail’s conversation view and Outlook’s message list view. They’re working to make autocomplete smarter and faster. Inky’s inbox can already identify package-tracking emails. And the team is thinking about how to simplify client setup, so the process gets easier for today’s multi-device environment.

For now I cannot give post a preview on the software itself, but I will update this post once I have played around with it.


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