Rumor Mill: Apple to Launch iWatch

Just the other day I was wondering if someone was going to invent a techy watch that did more than just show time and resist water. And here is a rumor…Apple iwatch rumor

A report is floating around from China that Apple could be developing a smart watch of its own. The may be looking to expand its horizons come 2013.

According to Chinese gadget news source Tech.163., this device would connect to all of your iOS devices via Bluetooth, and Intel is rumored to be working with Apple on this wearable tech project. Little is known about the purported device’s specs or features, but the report did say that it could come with a 1.5-inch AMOLED display manufactured by RiTDisplay with ITO-coated glass.

Apple appears to be aspiring to attack a budding sector of the mobile market. Wristwatch devices are beginning to gain popularity among users, with products such as Sony’s SmartWatch and the Pebble Kickstarter project that blew up on the crowd sourced Web platform earlier this year.

Did you know that the Pebble smart watch received more than $10 million on Kickstarter funding and has since then been marred with delays? It connects to your Android or iPhone device. Users can customize the watch’s interface and download apps directly to the device. Sony’s offering is an Android watch that “keeps you discreetly updated & your hands free.” It comes in various colors such as blue, pink, teal and lets you check messages, calendars, and Facebook updates. Neat eh?

Apple, of course, has not confirmed any plans to enter the smart watch race. Even if it did, there’s no guarantee that we would see it any time soon. Apple geeks shouldn’t count on playing with wearable iOS watches at CES next month, but it certainly is interesting to think about.

If this rumor does turn out to be true, it wouldn’t be the most revolutionary move for Apple but it could do more to popularize the smart watch genre. Tablets existed before Apple introduced the iPad, but no one really wanted them until Apple came out with its own.

What do you think?

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