Audi, Toyota to Showcase Self-Driving Car at CES

You may already know that Google is trying its level best to construct a self-driving car, and now the news is that Audi and Toyota are too looking to do the same thing but in a more traditional self driving

This week, Toyota revealed footage of its vehicle in action, while Audi reportedly has plans to unveil its own autonomous car during next week’s Consumer Electronics Show.

The prototype Toyota has is actually a Lexus LS 600h which you can see in the video clip. The AASRV (Advanced Active Safety Research Vehicle)is seen cruising down a highway in that 5 second video and looks very much without a driver.

First spotted by the Wall Street Journal, the video clip is accompanied by a caption that reads, “Lexus advanced active safety research vehicle is leading the industry into a new automated era.”

LexusThe AASRV looks a lot like the Google’s self-driving car in terms of robotic add-ons. Like the Google vehicle – which is actually a souped-up Toyota Prius – the Toyota prototype is fitted with radar and camera components that allow it to navigate its way on city streets, detect traffic lights, and remain aware of other cars on the road. However, despite the visual similarities, Toyota says that its technology was developed independently of any research occurring at Google. But if there is a similarity we’ll hear about it in terms of lawsuits.

According to an Audi spokesperson, in addition to driving, the car will also be able to find parking spaces and park itself. Now that … is a big WOW!

So far there has been no timeline on when we will actually see these cars on roads or the pricing, period.

What do you think?

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