Lexus Showcases their Self-Driving Vehicle

Doesn’t look anything close to Knight Rider, but the self driving car by Lexus has made its appearance at the CES.

Lexus wheeled out the first car to the public at a press event dubbed as the safety research self driving

The LS is packed with tons of technology including stereo cameras, GPS, radar, light detection and laser tracking. With the help of all this techy material the Lexus is now capable of measuring the trajectory of vehicle on the road, telling the difference between a red and green light, and actively scanning its surroundings in order to detection potential dangers on the road.

The company is basically doing its utter best to cut the driver out of the equation with the help of high-tech sensors and softwares, putting it in direct competition with Google. Not that Google was ever planning to transport people from one end to another without a driver.

Here is a full list of the Lexus advanced research vehicle on display.

• A 360-degree LIDAR laser on the roof of the vehicle detects objects around the car up to about 70 meters.

• Three high definition color cameras detect objects about 150 meters away, including traffic light detection using the front camera and approaching vehicles using the side cameras.

• Radars on the front and sides of the vehicle measure the location and speed of objects to create a comprehensive field of vision at intersections.

• A distance measurement indicator located on a rear wheel measures travel distance and speed of the vehicle.

• An inertial measurements unit on the roof measures acceleration and angle changes to determine vehicle behavior.

• GPS antennas on the roof estimate angle and orientation even before the vehicle is in motion.

No doubt this is great, but here is my two cents… what does the inside of that car looks like? And are we planning to send our children to school in that car because we are too lazy to get up in the morning and drop off our kids?

What do you think?

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