Touch Tables Previewed at CES

Moneual has unveiled a design for a touchscreen cafe table that can display apps to help diners browse and order off the menu. Basically, Seamless has arrived to a real world setting.Touch Tables

It’s only natural that with tablets becoming more popular and television screens growing larger, someone would combine the ideas into a touchscreen table. But while a touch-capable coffee table would look cool in your living room, the general consumer market just isn’t quite there yet. That’s why we’re digging this Moneual Touch Table made for restaurants.

The Moneual Touch Table was showcased at CES 2013, while there was no NFC capacities to show, the table does have a credit card slot and USB cables so owners can port their own apps into the machine while customers can use the USB cord to charge their electronics. The Touch Table runs on Windows, in case anyone was interested in developing their own custom app.

The current Moneual interface allows users to view available menu items and tap to order. After the selection has been made, they are taken to a screen where a circular clock denotes the order completion percentage. In the meantime, users can browse the Moneual catalog to learn more about the company has to offer. It’s a neat way to advertise without being too invasive, especially if it’s up to the customers to decide whether they want to interact with the machine.

Designed to feature touchscreen menus, order placement interface, and payment options, the Touch Table is a one stop shop for cafe-goers to enjoy a Seamless experience by interacting solely with computers and minimally with humans. Except, of course, when the waitress brings you your order.

I am not sure if the Windows OS allows the user to play games while waiting, check into Foursquare or Facebook browsing but do make sure you keep your hand sanitizer handy, because who knows how many people have fondled this table before you got there.

Price and availability are still undetermined.


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