Ubuntu OS Showcased at CES

TechCrunch was able to get their hands on Ubuntu’s mobile OS which has been one of the more interesting recent announcements in mobile tech, and at CES 2013, they were able to give it a thorough demo.Ubuntu

Despite the fact that even a developer launch of Canonical’s Ubuntu Mobile is still likely a few months off, it’s already looking like a strong contender, and potentially one that could shake up a market that has had relatively few big earth-quaking changes over the past couple of years.

If not BlackBerry then Nokia should definitely grab it. It may even help RIM get back into the business.

TC explains that “There’s a lot that is familiar about Ubuntu Mobile for users of the desktop version of this Linux-based OS. The dock is relatively intact, for instance. But maybe the most notable feature is a complete absence of buttons, since Ubuntu Mobile is meant to be pretty much entirely gesture-controlled. It reminds a little of webOS in that regard, and even bears some similarity to the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS, based on what we’ve seen from developer builds of RIM’s new smartphone OS.”

According to DARRELL ETHERINGTON, the guy played with the device – apps were sometimes slow to open, for instance, and in general there’s sluggishness to the UX. Etherington mentioned that the software is no doubt in early stages and the device did not help much either but for now the company is looking to partner with a hardware company but that too is in early stages of talks so nothing substantial can be said about it.

Etherington writes “My favorite part of Ubuntu Mobile might be the way it handles changing and accessing settings, all of which is managed by swiping down from the top of the screen, and then you can slide left and right to instantly access different settings submenus, without even having to lift your finger or do any additional taps. When this ships in an early developer beta form for users who want to test it on the bleeding edge, I’ll definitely be among those to try it out.”

What do you think?

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