ProxToMe App Sends Large Files Without Draining Batteries

Have you ever wanted to send across a large file quickly like a feature film on to someone’s cellphone? Meet ProxToMe, because they have the solution for you.ProxToMe

Carlo Capello, Co-Founder of ProxToMe says in the press release, “We created this app to tear down the barriers that prevent instant and effective real-time interaction between people in local proximity. ProxToMe lets you push everything you have stored on your Dropbox seamlessly to one, few or even all nearby users, with no contact information required. We have turned what was once impossible into something that is amazingly simple to use.”

So yes, no doubt that there are a numerous ways to share digital files but with this app, you dont need to know the email address or the phone number of the recipient. Dont worry, its not that creepy, the recipient still has to accept the file transfer. But yes, you can send the file to anyone who has the app installed.

Now lets talk about logistics. Sent files go into the user’s Dropbox, and the only size limitation is the space available in their Dropbox account. To boot, in a single move, a user can transfer a file to multiple users, speeding up the distribution process.

According to Capello, the app may be free, but its for iOS only at the current time.

ProxToMe accurately detects other users within 250 feet range either outdoor or indoor and, unlike other apps that use GPS technology, this one doesn’t drain smartphone batteries.

So enjoy the gesture-less, bump-less and shake-less technology, available for free at Apple Store.

What do you think?

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