Online Editor Draft Launches Today

Built by Nathan Kontny of Cityposh and Inkling, Draft, an online word processor, has launched today.filepicker

Draft is the new and clear version of an editing services that auto-saves a word document. Simple. Backed by the Y Combinator, the service features a manual “mark draft” button at the top-right corner, because serious writing happens in stages.

You can hit the button of “Mark Draft” at any stage and writing is saved in series. Once you are done and want to save and share. You can easily do it by importing your document to Dropbox, Evernote, Box, Google Drive and your own PC. Of course you have the option of sharing the link as well.

Now, on the low side, Draft has skipped out on publishing tools such as blogging. It’s focused solely on the creation process and intended for use by a wider variety of writers.

Eric Eldon from TechCrunch even spoke to Kontny about exporting to publish features, and he said he’s looking at it. You can easily imagine a way to export your final Draft to WordPress to finish your formatting and multimedia selections, then publish.

What do you think?

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