Lawdingo Joins Y – Combinator

Remember Lawdingo, that start-up company I shared some info about back in November that offers online legal consultation? Well that same start-up has now been accepted by Y Combinator.


Back then, there were “205 lawyers in 36 states on the platform” and now there are over 450 lawyers on the same site. According to Nikhl Nirmel, the CEO, “We’ve scaled faster than any law firm” and perhaps that’s why he hadn’t expected to get into YC.

Originally, the lawyers were encourage to offer free consultations for a set duration only and the start-up charged a subscription fee but with the budgets of law firms and varying clientele of different firms, that flat rate did not set well. So lawyers started to bid to have their profiles viewed by users. Gradually as the site grew, attorneys had to bid higher and higher so their badges could be viewed easily or were more popular than others.

If you check their site now, you will see that most offer 15 minutes of free consult and then they charge their fee. Few offer 30 minutes of free consult while two of the featured lawyers charged no fee at all.

What do you think?

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