Verify Your Skills & Education Via Mozilla’s Open Badge

This month Mozilla launched its platform Open Badge.

What is that? Well its a web-based platform that enables users to verify their educational credentials that they have achieved over time. It doesn’t matter whether it was attained in a formal or informal setting, or in a virtual or real classroom. As long as it was some kind of education.mozilla open badges

Now with the increase of web-based education, traditional degrees, certificates and diplomas are no longer enough because there is so much more out there than just old traditional classroom education.

Hence, Mozilla has launched Open Badge. Now that we are all up to speed, lets talk about how Mozilla achieved this and where they are with it.

Mozilla basically allows everyone to “gather badges from any site on the internet, combining them into a story about what you know and what you’ve achieved”. They launched in beta mode some time back, but now the version 1.0 is out. Its free and any organization can use it to create digital badges to verify a learned credit/skill.

The aim behind it all is for the consumer to be able to display the badge and be able to tell the achievement he or she has had.

Open Badges lets a user collect badges from a variety of sources into its digital backpack, which you can then use to display your skills on social networks, job sites, personal sites and so on.

If you are still intrigued, check it out. Me, I have signed up already.

What do you think?

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