10 Parcel Forwarding Services for International Shoppers (so they can shop from Amazon/eBay/Walmart etc)

We all know about the restrictions of Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Apple Store, Google Store and thousands other like it… they have shipping as well as payment restrictions. Some don’t want to accept our credit cards while others simply say we accept PayPal only!

So what do we do?delivery-job

That feeling you go through when you reach the online checkout point and realize that the e-store doesn’t support your country or that particular piece of item you wanted to buy can only be shipped to places like Moon and Mars or that you cannot pay via that plastic card in your hand because the computer is saying no you don’t live on moon or you are not a valid resident of Mars!

Well here is a run down of a list that should cheer you up…!

How do Package Forwarding Services Work?

These services simply give you a US address or in some cases EU and Japan address also when you sign up with them which is sometimes free (be sure to read the FAQ). All you need to do is ship your purchases to that address from the online store and once the forwarding service receives your items they will immediately ship it to your destination address. Bear in mind that there is shipping cost but you can always calculate it before hand and almost always track it.

Below is the list

Note: This list hasn’t been updated in a year. For the latest updates on a list of parcel forwarding services, go here: http://tech-vise.com/10-parcel-forwarding-services-for-international-shoppers/


Borderlinx gives you a free account. With them you either get a US or a UK address which you can use while online shopping. Their main courier is DHL which is very reliable. Their service also includes repackaging and consolidating multiple packages to save you money. They dont cater to a lot of countries, so be sure to check if your destination country is listed with their service or not. You can calculate the estimated cost, track your shipping, and check your items in the waiting list. For more information you can always check out the website, or its FAQ.


This forwarding service is free and highly recommended. They accepts payments via PayPal and wire transfer. They ship everywhere and consolidate items as well. If you want they can provide you with pictures of your shipment with an extra cost but there is no cost if your items are kept in their stack for 45 days. Their customer support is prompt and being a user of their services I know they are very reliable. They ship via DHL, USPS and FedEx and provide tracking facility as well. The link provided here is a personalised Stackry referrer which means you get a 10$ discount on the next shipment after you signup.


MyUS has been providing their service to 220 countries globally since 1997. They have 3 types of accounts consisting of a standard (for the occasional buyer) and 2 premium(with monthly fee) accounts (one for consolidating packages, the other with mail and catalogs included). With the standard account you can’t chose for when the packages are shipped – they are shipped automatically by the service. With the Premium accounts you can ask them to hold shipping. Once you have signed up you get a dedicated space in their Distribution Center in Sarasota, Florida, USA. They accept payments via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB. If you dont have any of these then they also accept checks, money orders and wire transfers. They have a Live chat system in place for consumers who wish to be answered promptly. Again do note that the address they provide is a partnered with USunlocked card.


No signup fee here but make sure you check the program and pricing section because they have extra charges for everything. You get a US address for free which is not confirmed until your first shipment arrives and 15 days of free storage. They have an onboard shipping calculator and a duty calculator. Their preferred shipping services are Polonez Parcel and USPS (flat rate, Express mail and priority mail). They accept payments via PayPal, Square and Bank Transfer.


This forwarding service allows a person to shop from stores like Amazon, Dell, Nike, Woot, buy.com, Gap, Sears, eBay etc. The interesting bit is that they have a setup fee which is $5.00 USD which you can pay via your Credit Card or PayPal and after you receive a refund of $0.1 to $0.99 then you can verify your account. This service also double checks your banking situation and verifies your details and in returns gives you not only a PO Box number but a physical address in Portland Oregon which is free of sales tax. I didn’t find any information on tracking facility. Also the link above for ReShip is a personalized referrer so if you sign up through that, you will get $10 towards future shipments. Note that this address can be used for USunlocked Card.

BongousBongo International

With Bongo International there is again a charge for registration but in return you get three addresses; two US addresses, one in California another in Florida, the third is a EU address in Belgium. They offer a Demo video for users to see so they wont need to ask question upon question. They provide personal and business plans which include tracking facility for free. They deliver to 222 countries worldwide and on top of that also provide online chat service as well if you have an urgent query. Another thing which I found useful was the area where I tried to figure out what the transit time would be if I were to ship a Laptop from US to Pakistan, and it not only showed me that I could ship to that Asian country but also I got a list of items that were prohibited and restricted for international shipment.


With WannitUS service you get a free US mailing address with a no-hidden-fee agenda, every amount is mentioned upfront. Facilities of personal shopper, package forwarding and free 14-day consolidation is all available. Make sure you view the services fee section to get an idea of their upfront charges. There is a bit of conflict in the free storage facility because in their Terms of Services it states a 14 day free of cost storage whereas in the FAQ they claim to give 30 day free storage space. So if you decide to open an account with this service, make sure you have them spell it out in writing/email about the correct number of “free of cost storage space”. They accept online payments through, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Note that the address they provide can be used for USunlocked Card.


This service gives you a tax free US address in Portland, Oregon and they dont charge for storage as well… literally! They claim you can store your merchandise for as long as you want. There is no charge in consolidation or you may say that the repackaging is free. They are only a parcel forwarding service and do not cater to snail mail forwarding. Currently they ship via USPS, DHL and FedEx and accept payments via PayPal , Webmoney and My E-wallet to pay shipping fee online. Just for your info, there are only two ways to charge the E-wallet, one is Western Union and the other is Wire Transfer. And you can use most credit cards through your PayPal account, including American Express, MasterCard, Discover and Visa. You can also withdraw the money back to your Paypal account or Webmoney account. For now all the services are free but they may start charging in the future.


Opas gives the user two addresses. One in Osaka, Japan and another in Oregon, US for a cost of $25. If you wish to have that fee waived off then go ahead and like their Facebook page here. Once you have registered using the unique promo code, you will have have to go an extra mile to confirm your ID and once that has been verified, they will give you the membership ID along with US and Japan address. They currently accept all credit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB. They also accept Paypal. You will need to contact them if you are interested in international money order or international wire transfer. There is a consolidation fee for some packages and a 30 day of free storage after that however there is a cost. Also note their service caters to USunlocked Prepaid card.


Like the name suggests, this is another unusual forwarding service. Their disclaimer is that they are the leading cross border shopping facilitators in Latin America. They give you a tax free physical address in Miami Florida. They also have a special marketplace where you can get access to exclusive coupon codes and private sales to help you find the best prices for your US purchases. PuntoMio does not charge at signup and they accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery and Diners Club for payments. I did however fail to figure out if they consolidate packages or not but from the looks of it they dont offer it and henceforth there is no question of how many days of free storage they offer. Please do check out this factor before signing up if consolidation is important to you. Please note Puntomio caters to Latin American residents only.

There are plenty of other services out there which you can check out. I’ll mention them here anyway so you go directly to their page, no fuss no muss. There is ShipNex  |  ParcelBound  |   ShoppingUSA   |   ComGateway   |   vPost   |   ShipiTo

Note: This list hasn’t been updated in a year. For the latest updates on a list of parcel forwarding services, go here: http://tech-vise.com/10-parcel-forwarding-services-for-international-shoppers/

Did I miss a service that you have used and are happy with? Mention the name below in comments and I’ll add it to list.

41 thoughts on “10 Parcel Forwarding Services for International Shoppers (so they can shop from Amazon/eBay/Walmart etc)

  1. Recommend Transbang https://goo.gl/5eQvEB, i’ve used them several times since i always get my shipment in a pretty short time from them after they receive my package. Customer service is responsive and help me a lot with my own problems with my stuff.

  2. My Best so far is Global Shopaholics >> https://www.globalshopaholics.com > > They have all it takes to feel comfortable when you are looking for the most responsive and committed people to rely on for your international shipment and forwarding!

    Global Shopaholics offers 160 days as a storage space for you and will ship out your wares using the shopping method you chose. By registering for an account with them, you will get email notification when your purchases arrive there.

    They will keep it for 160 days max and will send it to you as individual packages or consolidate before shipping them. Their consolidated package saves you so much that you would love to shop more and ship through them.

    They offer cheaper means of shipment, all shipment methods and accept almost all payment methods.

    1. Global Shopaholics is a new start up with promising features. They provide two Free USA address for US parcel forwarding. And you can hire there Shoppers for Shopping in different parts of the world.
      Some of the features that distinguish it from the rest are

      No Sign up fees
      No Monthly fees
      Multiple Payment options like Paypal, Bitcoin, Credit/Debit Card, Bank Wire transfer
      TransferWise , A payment gateway no package company out there is using right now. It is the best option if you are transferring big amount, Reason is there Best Currency exchange rate and Low international transaction charges.
      Tax free ware house
      Free Consolidation
      Free Pictures of the Content
      24/7 Chat support
      User Control On Customs Declaration Form
      USPS, ARAMEX , DHL and Box Berry ( lowest international shipping rates among all)
      5% for Assisted/personal shopper fee
      180 days free storage

  3. US Delivered is a great company to look at. (www.usdelivered.com) lowest shipping rates, and cheap monthly cost. And their customer support is quick and efficient!

  4. Hi! I wondered which was best (and cheapest) forwarding company from USA to England? Just one parcel about 5lb in weight? Thanks

  5. Hi
    Do anyone know which wil be the most effec and cheapest service for pakistani customers?
    I’ve tried usgobuy, they charge a lot for Pakistan shipping.

    1. Com Gateway used to give an Australian address. However, you might need to just look at warehouse options or the local post office in AUS. I will keep looking for a better answer…

  6. Thank you for the review..

    I’ve shipped a few things with Stackry and their customer service so far has been excellent. Great turnaround time on getting my packages shipped..

  7. do not use MYUS they have a million hidden fees …example….a dollar if your device has a battery….they claim us customs…bull…i was a customs broker and they are screwing people. They will also hold some items over so you have to ship twice vs just once.
    This is from experience.

    1. Thank you Fred for the feedback, will look into the customer services and get this parcel service off the list if they fail to give a proper reply

      1. I cancelled my MYUS account after they damaged three shipments in a row. When they consolidate packages they throw away almost all the packing material, and apparently just throw your items in a box. One shipment of mine arrived with several fragile items basically smashed. Also when they open packages to consolidate they are careless. I got more than one item forwarded with deep scratches from box-cutter blades.

  8. I once bought some antiques from ebay thru a US based package forwarding service http://www.usgobuy.com , their service is excellent and their shipping cost, as far as i know is the lowest to my place. I recommend this one if there is one to add, thanks

      1. Thank you so much for your reply, Zahra, it is so kind of you. Add me to your skype if you dont mind. yingwen.sun

  9. Yeah, it seems like all of these forwarding companies have their own way of doing things. I always check out the reviews before making a decision. Sign up fees are ridiculous, why should you have to pay money to be a customer? Check company shipping prices, that is where the real savings are. Excellent customer service is also very important. This is why I always use WannitUS.com.

    1. Hi Mike –
      Who else have you tried in the industry before settling on WanItUs.com?

      Which country do you live in? I know some specialize in certain areas.
      Thanks for your input!

  10. I am from peru
    . 1 – like getting one address in the United States.
    . 2 – for my company postal service
    3 -. A company that can ship products to my country

      1. 1.- I want an address to receive packages of my clients in Peru
        2.- I take care of customs formalities as in peru is tax free up to $ 200

  11. Thank you for highlighting out the typos. It is not easy to track them outside of a word editor.

    Regarding how the review was done, we have included a list of ten services that we found on the web. 5 were easy to come by and the other 5 took a while. We will have an update on the article in a few days and include the two services you have mentioned and perhaps relegate the two you and co were unhappy with to the bottom of the list or remove them altogether. Thank you.

  12. I worry about the detail of this story. I have to ask how well you examined these ten services.

    The typos and grammar in your story indicate that details might not be your strong suit.

    Some of the services you list have average ratings on the web. I have experience with a couple (Shipito, MyUS) and while the service was often successful, customer service, tracking and fees were often something that made me and my co-workers unhappy.

    You don’t even mention two that we’ve used a number of times: Parcelbound (for quite a while) and Stackry (used the last 4 months after numerous recommendations.

    Did you shop and ship with all ten? Or just review their websites?

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