Microsoft to launch Private Cloud Services in Pakistan soon

Microsoft LogoMicrosoft is all set to launch Private Cloud services in Pakistan very soon. A small event for tech media and blogger community was held very recently at Microsoft’s office in Karachi; where they announced their services, explained the various cloud services on offer and gave a brief demo of Microsoft System Center 2012.

Microsoft’s focus in Pakistan is heartening given that their recent shift into SaaS model allows many startup companies and SMEs to focus on their core business and not get bogged down in Software licensing, server hardware and costly networking equipment. The launch of Office 365 in Pakistan last year shows Microsoft’s commitment to combat software privacy and making a reasonably priced alternative available for everyone in Pakistan. With the launch of Private Cloud services in Pakistan, businesses will benefit from the power, security, scalability and reliability of the cloud with the additional benefit of co-locating sensitive services at their own premises i.e. the Private Cloud.

Altogether 3 types of cloud deployment models will be on offer for customers:

  1. Private Cloud (customer managed, co-located at their premises)
  2. Public Cloud (customer managed, located anywhere in the world)
  3. Hybrid Cloud (customer managed, hosted by cloud service providers such as PTCL, Wateen, CyberNet etc)

Fujitsu Technology Services will provide the hardware for Microsoft’s Cloud services in Pakistan. The two companies have also invested in two demo facilities based out of Karachi and Islamabad where customers can try and buy Microsoft Cloud Services.

What is a Private Cloud Immersion Experience?

A Private Cloud Immersion event is a hands on experience with Microsoft Private Cloud Solutions, with three modules that take you and your IT department from envisioning the possibilities with private cloud solutions to experiencing and interacting with Microsoft Private Cloud in real-time. Customers can arrange their Free 1:1 Private Cloud Immersion Experience by contacting their local Microsoft representative.

For the best experience in the session, customers should go through the cloud assessment tool and send to their Microsoft representative. The assessment tool also helps customers to identify their pain points and understand what is on offer by Microsoft.

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