Solution To The Disbaled SMS Feature In Nexus 7 3G

If you are one of those who own the Google Nexus 7 3G LTE then you will have noticed that your 3G capability is not working properly OR that you can no longer send SMS via your tablet device. Please proceed to the next line for a solution…SMS disabled in Kit Kat 4.4.2.

Now SMS is the only answer to the ‘sending SMS’ problem… well in a manner of speaking anyway. This is by far the only app in the Google Play store that manages to send text messages via the Nexus 7 3G device without rooting it.

Don’t bother looking for updates for the Google Hangouts because that app doesn’t have the SMS facility anymore. In fact to be specific, the ASUS Google Nexus 7 3G device has now been barred to send SMS or if you want to blame Google then blame Kit Kat 4.4.2 because it doesn’t support sending text messages.

Google forum is full of complains from around the globe regarding this matter ever since the Nexus 7 3G/LTE devices received Kit Kat update. The solution that Google has so far successfully provided is “a full refund”… some have even taken it others simply cannot for Google doesn’t cater to their respective country.

Users who do opt to download Now SMS app should know this fact beforehand that the app under discussion doesn’t receive the SMS… I know that’s odd, but just hear me out. The notification panel will show that the app has received it but you wont be able to “see” the messages. Now let me start over, you can send text messages with the app to everyone including to your service provider for activating prepaid services or promotions but you CANNOT receive it through the app. You will however continue to receive messages by the built-in SMS receiver that doesn’t store messages and just briefly shows them on the screen preventing you from reviewing it ever again.

This is, again, not the full solution but it’s still something.

If Google ever returns this functionality back to Nexus 7 3G devices, I’ll report it ASAP. Meanwhile if you know any other app that can give Kit Kat 4.4.2. a kick in the shin by enabling Nexus 7 3G users to once again send and receive text messages WITHOUT rooting the device comment below, it will no doubt be greatly appreciated.


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