7 Best Global Commerce Companies For International Shoppers

Every once in a while, we lay our eyes on US products, and you really want to get your hands on them, but it’s not that simple when you live outside of the USA. Well, until recently, many American companies refused to do business with the people who live in other countries, on the grounds that it was very risky and they didn’t want to ship their goods thousands of miles away and to not be paid. But this barrier was removed the moment the customers started purchasing products and paying them using their debit cards or their paypal accounts. These are some of the Internet-based financial services which help their users to make international payments using a debit facilities.


This is another safe payment method, but it’s available in the Middle East and North Africa, allowing people to buy products online regardless of their income or nationality. The company was founded in 2003, by Maktoob, in Jordan, but in 2009, Yahoo! acquired the company and transferred cashU to Jabbar Internet Group, the owner of Ikoo, Souq.com, Sukar and Tahadu Games. This service is used for paying VoIP, games, IT services, music albums, software, matrimonial and FX trading and they forbid their customers to buy adult content or to use their service for gambling.

Global-Payments-IncGlobal Payments Inc.

This is global commerce company which comes to the aid of financial institutions, merchants, government agencies, Independent Sales Organizations and multi-national corporations (from the US, Canada, Europe and Asia). This company is the perfect option when it comes to Electronic Benefits Transfers, credit and debit cards, prepaid gifts, electronic check conversation, emerging or Business-to-Business payment, Terminal management + point-of-sale support services. Global Payments was founded in 1967 by National Data Corporation and today, it’s independent and a member of the S&P MidCap 400 Index.


It is a provider which offers cheap online payment solutions, prepaid mobile top-up, long distance cards and PINs, international mobile top-up, gift cards, prepaid debit cards, prepaid wireless, sport ticket vouchers, bill ray etc. the company is headquartered in Leawood, Kansas, USA and has 636,000 points of sale in 291,000 retailer locations in many countries from Europe, India, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and of course, the US. The money transfer can be made through Ria.


This company was founded in 2005 and it is based in New York, USA. It’s a service that allows its customers to make global payments and it’s somehow an alternative to paypal. Payoneer has mass payout services such as prepaid debit MasterCard card, global bank transfers, branded debit cards etc. Companies or individuals from 200 countries can enjoy using this service. They can transfer and receive funds, make international payments and withdraw funds to their prepaid debit cards, transfer money via wire services or local eWallets.


This British multinational banking company which offers products as services such as: Branch locator, Mobile PINsentry, The PINsentry card reader, Fraud Prevention, Free internet security software, Online Banking Newsletter, Barclays Pingit, Mobile Banking Services, Free Text Alerts, Barclays Cloud It, Barclays Personalised Card etc. The company operates in more than 50 countries, having 48 million customers and total assets of 2.42 trillion dollars, being the 7th largest bank worldwide. The company was founded in 1690 and it’s headquartered in London and it’s organized within two business clusters – Corporate and Investment Banking, Wealth and Investment Management + Retail and Business Banking.


It is considered to be the largest global banking provider, operating in over 110 countries and having over 14,000 institutions. The headquarter is in Jacksonville, and for this company work more than 37,000 people from all over the world. The products offered by this company are: Core Banking, Biller Direct, Profile – the main banking application,    Document Output Output Solutions, CSF Designer CSF Designer and CSF Designer Intuition CSF Designer Intuition. The clients are FIS’ top priority so they can benefit from high-quality services and banking solutions.

Western Unionwestern_union_2

Western Union has been operating for over 150 years. Today with over 486,000 Agent locations in 200 territories and countries around the world, millions of people give their trust to Western Union to receive and send money wherever they are.

Each money transfer is protected by an international safe security system of the latest technology which can be identified by a unique number known as MTCN or Money Transfer Control. In most cases the money is available in only a few minutes after sending them, depending on the operating hours of the agent in the destination country, requested service and applicable restrictions. Western Union uses advanced electronic technology and a worldwide network of computers for quick payment of money in over 200 territories and countries.

More than 380,000 locations worldwide, makes Western Union the most prevalent transfer service. They also have prepaid card which make for an easy solution of money transfer online or from a mobile app.

These were just some of the global commerce solutions apart from PayPal and Skrill that everyone talks about. If you know about some other solution that help international shoppers do let us know in the comments below and we’ll try to mention those services in our post too.

Stay tuned, we’ll be covering the best virtual debit cards out there which you simply cannot resist while shopping.


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